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Meet Our Team

We're a cross-cultural team, passionate about creating opportunities for rural communities, prioritizing lifelong learning, and ecological balance toward positive change.

Meet Our Interns and Fellows

Exploring, inspiring, and driving positive change—they embody our values of lifelong learning, embracing opportunities, and on-ground action.

Words from Our Past-Teammates

Hear from our past teammates who played a crucial role in shaping PP's culture, values and successes thus far.

2023.03.10 Esmeralda.jpg


To this very day, Project Potential Trust remains the best organization that I’ve worked for. I had the amazing opportunity to support PPT from 2017-2018 and together we held our first major celebration at eArthshalla. I learned far more from the PPT team than they might have learned from me. My small contribution was to begin thinking of the best organization practices (HR) for the growing PPT team; since then the PPT team has expanded significantly and grown their practices to fit their organization’s culture and style. Thankful for my time with Project Potential.


Esmeralda Herrera
AIF Fellow - HR Manager 2017-2018
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