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eArth Swasthya

Urgent actions toward healthcare and emergency needs in our communities

Program Mission and Overarching Activities

Improve healthcare accessibility and well-being of individuals and families in the community by identifying and addressing their emergency or endemic healthcare needs.


Our program mobilizes partners, government, and resources to address healthcare needs in our community, including flood relief, tuberculosis screening and treatment, and COVID-19 response support to the public health systems at the lock levels.


Tackling Tuberculosis

The TB project aims to reduce TB-related morbidity and mortality by connecting patients to the benefits of a government scheme called Nikshay Poshan Yojana. The project involves the mobilization of patients and capacity building of ASHA workers, overseeing home screening visits, collecting sputum samples, and testing them using microscopy, x-ray, and CBNAAT to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment of TB. The project aims to improve treatment adherence and reduce social stigma by raising awareness and educating communities about the disease.


In partnership with Innovators in Health (IIH)

COVID-19 Safety and Vaccination Awareness Campaign

The project involved local volunteers visiting homes to raise awareness about COVID-19 safety and vaccination. Each volunteer visited at least 16 houses per day, providing contextualized and localized awareness on mask-wearing, social distancing, handwashing, and vaccination. They also coordinated with vaccination centers to ensure community members could get vaccinated without wasting their time or that of public health staff.

Village: 600 | Homes (including follow-up): 5L+wareness

Data entry support to PHC: 22,000+ | Vaccination reminder calls: 54,000+ | Vaccination Camps: 377

Ration Relief during natural calamities or emergencies

Distribution of monthly ration kits to 25000+ people in local communities, many of whose earning family members had lost their source of income during the pandemic and others impacted due to floods

We believe that eArthshala is a vital role in the ecosystem necessary to strengthen our movement. It will continue to evolve into a space that inspires us to design spaces that foster connection, be the best version of ourselves, and contribute positively to our community.

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