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  • Are donations to Project Potential Trust tax exempt?
    Yes; Project Potential has 12A registration, and we provide receipts to all donors to claim tax exemption for donations.
  • Who has supported our work thus far?
    Various people and institutions including but not limited to: 1. Mr. Narayana Murthy, Mr. SD Shibulal 2. Infosys Foundation, Ashraya Hastha Trust 3. Azim Premji Foundation, Lal Family Foundation, Book a Smile, and others 4. We are the only organization in Bihar to raise funding from four people on the Forbes India list
  • What is Project Potential’s mission?
    To attract and develop the people, organizations, and resources required to end poverty sustainably and inclusively
  • What can I do to find out more?
    Watch TED talks by some of our founders: Zubin Sharma - link Eureka Khong - link Visit our social media Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
  • Why does Project Potential exist?
    There are a number of problems which our team observed which we believed were not being addressed adequately. These include: the fact that certain districts in India have poverty rates 10x+ higher than others; (b) many of these districts are underinvested in many development projects which do aim to address challenges in these districts do not adequately create opportunities for local people to lead and create change Our hope is to create a development model which can empower local people to lead in a way that improves social and economic outcomes.
  • What kinds of projects have we run so far?
    Virtually all of the programs we run always have a dual purpose: 1. The primary purpose is to develop local youth leaders through a combination of community projects and capacity building activities such as workshops, learning journeys, and mentorships 2. The second purpose is to create change in the community through the community projects, which we have run in sectors including education, entrepreneurship, community art and theater, skill development, health, and governance.
  • When did we start?
    22 August, 2014
  • What is eArthshala and what is the relationship between Project Potential and eArthshala?
    eArthshala is the 15-acre campus owned and operated by Project Potential Trust. eArthshala aims to be a space for leadership in sustainable development, aiming to attract and develop leaders in the field. In addition, the campus is meant to reflect sustainable development principles, including ecologically friendly materials and local employment opportunities and investment. As a part of Project Potential, eArthshala aims to support the strategies the organization is pursuing, but may also expand the scope which we focus on in the future.
  • Have more questions?
    Feel free to shoot us an email at
  • What is Project Potential?
    Project Potential is a registered trust.
  • Where do we work?
    We have worked in 5 districts in Bihar thus far - Araria, Katihar, Kishanganj, Purnea, and Supaul, though most consistently and deeply in Kishanganj District.
  • Who founded Project Potential Trust?
    Zubin Sharma and Abodh Kumar
  • What is Project Potential’s vision?
    To end poverty sustainably and inclusively in India’s poorest districts.
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