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eArth Nirmaan

Envisioning and realizing sustainable construction and land design practices at eArthshala

Program Mission and Overarching Activities

eArth Nimaan is committed to showcasing sustainable construction practices that are both environmentally and socially responsible, while delivering high-performance buildings that prioritize energy efficiency and comfort.


We actively invest in social inclusion, fostering local employment by providing skill training to unskilled workers and semi-skilled artisans. By doing so, we aim to cultivate a pool of skilled artisans and create valuable job opportunities based on their expertise.

Design Principles

Healthy soil, clean water, and diverse and abundant life are crucial for rural communities to leverage their strengths and contribute significantly to global climate action. Our design approach places a high priority on conserving and enhancing these essential elements that sustain LIFE and promote human well-being

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Sustainable Building technology
  • Passive solar and energy-efficient design

  • Natural materials and ventilation and lighting for enhanced micro-climate

  • Optimizing design for reduced carbon footprint

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Regenerative methodologies
  • Zero-waste campus

  • Groundwater recharge

  • Nature-based sanitation solutions

  • Restoring natural habitats and ecosystems by bringing back biodiversity

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Facilitating engaging experiences
  • Enhancing social interaction

  • Engaging with regenerative practices

  • Encouring contemplation


Design Features

MHall Conceptual Section_Climatic factors 2019.10.jpg

Our approach incorporates passive solar design principles based on sun orientation and climate factors, along with the use of low-carbon footprint materials and modern technology to enhance durability. We will implement sustainable sanitation solutions and seamlessly integrate built and landscape spaces, providing a holistic experience. Through these integrated elements, we create energy-efficient buildings that promote natural ventilation, as well as outdoor spaces that foster well-being and have a positive impact on the environment.

Built Infrastructure

Training Hall

Construction on-going

470 sqm built-up area | capacity to host 100-150


The training hall promotes collaborative learning and exploration, with high-pitched bamboo roofing, ample natural light, and ventilation creating a comfortable and inviting space. The walls are constructed with sturdy sundried adobe bricks, skillfully crafted by local women, and the load-bearing design eliminates the need for concrete columns, contributing to the space's sustainable and eco-friendly features.


Primary Donor: Infosys Foundation

Rural Innovation Studio

Construction on-going

Desk space for 22

Covered terrace for 40-50 people with additional split-out 

170 sqm (ground) and 80 sqm (covered terrace) = 250 sqm


A space designed to foster cross-sectoral collaboration and ideation towards inclusive and sustainable development in under-invested districts. It has a blend of personal workspaces and shared areas, creating a comfortable and stimulating environment for individuals and small groups alike.


Primary Donor: Ashraya Hastha Trust

Mud Cottage (Karigar Niwas)

Completed: 2019

Our double occupancy rooms are built by merging various local technologies, including thatch and bamboo-based wattle and daub, to create an authentic and sustainable living space. We also incorporate low-cost architectural elements for natural ventilation, such as bamboo shutter windows and vents, to ensure a comfortable and refreshing indoor environment. The outdoor common washroom is shared among guests.


Primary Donor: Ashraya Hastha Trust

Our Training Hall and Rural Innovation Studio are the results of a collaborative effort by the following partners:

Architectural: ThumbImpressions, Ahmedabad

Structural: Strucart Design Consultants, Ahmedabad

Electrical, Plumbing: Airtech Consultancy Services, Kolkata

Project Management, and on-site Skill Training: Project Potential Trust

The inspiring journey of Surat Ji (Universe's Gift to eArthshala) is a testament to the exceptional design abilities that exist in rural India. His remarkable talent for finding creative solutions to architecture and furnishing challenges showcases the immense potential that remains untapped in rural communities. 

His story is a reminder to us of the need to prioritize opportunities that enable rural talent to find expression and nurture traditional skills and knowledge. By doing so, we can create dynamic, self-reliant rural communities that thrive on their unique strengths and contributions.

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