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Whether you are an individual, organization, or community group, we welcome your input and collaboration.

Co-creat impactful fundraiser events and corporate giving initiatives or crowdfunding campaigns!

Combine strengths to scale impact, co-create contextual solutions, or amplify our cause!

Connect us with like-minded foundations, CSRs, and individuals toward holistic impact!

Explore, learn, and contribute to skill-specific and interdisciplinary opportunities!

Be a catalyst for change. We are excited to see your unique perspective and creativity strengthen our team!

Interested to host events or workshops with us now or in the future?

Directions that we feel ready to build toward

1. Ideate on collaborative actions to build a hub for sustainable innovation and progress in rural India 


2. Build opportunities for youth leadership and skill development to enable local talent 


3. Help power eArthshala to build a transformative institution for rural leadership and a sustainable transformation 

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Partner Network

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We had the pleasure of having two youths from Project Potential, Madhu and Aakriti, at Gramya Manthan in 2022. It was amazing to witness their sincerity and strength, and it felt like they had undergone a lot of growth through their association with Project Potential. Madhu is exceptional in community engagement, while Aakriti is a sensitive and earnest learner. I am grateful for the grassroots leadership ecosystem that Project Potential has been fostering in Bihar.


Shashank Kalra
Youth Alliance
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