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eArth Kala Manch

Entertainment to spread awareness on pressing social issues

Program Mission and Overarching Activities

Our program utilizes street theatre and open-air movie screenings to raise community awareness and tell contextual stories. Through these mediums, we aim to foster self-confidence among our trainees and performers, while communicating important social messages.

Our activities utilize discussions, dialogues, and storytelling tools to raise awareness about critical issues such as malnutrition, unemployment, education, and women's empowerment. Through this process, we successfully foster confidence-building and a love of the arts while instilling a passion for social change.


Nukkad Natak (Street Theatre)

We addressed social concerns, such as gender parity, education, job opportunities, healthcare, and the environment, through street theater. The potency of this medium in initiating dialogues and galvanizing communities into action left a lasting impression. Post-performance, we engaged in discussions with the audience and community members to gain insights into their concerns and perspectives, leading to actionable plans to address the issues. These interactions shaped our future performances, refining our approach to addressing social issues.


No. of natak performed to date: 301

No. of audiences reached:

Theatre in Education

We provided capacity-building workshops to youth from government schools to bring about confidence amongst adolescent girls.

Theatre capacity-building with community-based organizations (CBOs) helped to equip them with the skills to use theater as a means to enhance their community work.

No. of youth trained: 1200

Gram Cinema

We bring cinema to local communities and utilize it as a platform for deepening understanding through discussions about the messages conveyed in the films.

Why Awareness Through Entertainment?

Listen in on Abodh ji's narration as he shares the reason behind our choice of entertainment as a medium of raising awareness.

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