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grassroots leadership

Vision & Mission

End poverty sustainably and inclusively in India’s poorest districts

Attract and develop leaders, organizations, and resources to the most under-invested districts of India

Our approach combines the strengths of rural India and the global community to blend local and global perspectives, skills and knowledge in order to creatively tackle 21st-century rural challenges.

What we do

Youth leadership and social action programs
Attract and adopt scalable best practices
Bridge community, impact partners, and government


Youths trained
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Villages reached
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People reached
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Our Programs

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eArthshala, our 15-acre campus will be a game-changing space for grassroots leadership and sustainable development.  The design of the campus reflects ecologically aligned design, demonstrates sustainable practices, and prioritizes local skill training and employment opportunities.


As part of Project Potential, eArthshala aims to support the organization's strategies and expand its future scope.



Project Potential is my favorite organization in India due to their inclusive, joyful, and service-oriented team members. I have had the fortune of visiting and witnessing the work since 2013, and the growth in strategy, and scale has left me very inspired, every time.


Theatre, dance, reading circles, community building, games, and time with nature are all ways of PP. Their eArthshala space is full of possibilities and love. PP's grand vision and acts of kindness set an example for the entire ecosystem, and I feel privileged to witness their journey and growth.


Hemakshi Meghani
Co-Founder, Indian School of Democracy


Partner Network