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To enables rural communities to address challenges in learning systems, sustainable living and economy by building sustainable possibilities for the village.

eArth Philosophy 

Our core principle is called eArth. It stems from the English word ‘earth’ and the Hindi word (arth) which means both ‘economy’ and ‘meaning’. In other words, it is a philosophy that seeks to regenerate the earth, economy, and our existence.


In the foothills of the Himalayas, our core operating area is sandwiched between Bihar, West Bengal, Nepal, and Bangladesh, with close proximity to Sikkim, Bhutan, and even Assam. 

We believe that this area, with its convergence of cultures and climates, holds immense promise as a region for sustainable development and change.  This is where we are building our eArthshala campus. eArthshala is where we train our trainers and where we do a lot of the research and development behind our work. This is where we test different livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities, and it is also where we model a sustainable way of living.