Project Potential | eArth Nirmaan
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Innovate new building methods and habitats for sustainable living


Facilitate project based knowledge sharing between local artisans and industry experts in design, alternate techniques, and skill training; to build together a sacred space for continued co-creation and learning. To facilitate this exchange, we have chosen to not tender the works to a primary contractor, but manage the entire process of construction in-house. This is to ensure that skill training takes center stage in the process of moulding eArthshala.

waste segregation planning at eArthshala

Soil testing with the eArth Nirmaan team


On-site training of 200 local artisans in all key construction skills including contemporary building technologies in mud and bamboo, in the next two years.


Surat is currently our leading bamboo artisan at Project Potential’s eArthshala campus. A local older man who has had immense experience in construction with diverse people in India. He has a commitment to learn and grow. He teaches others about his bamboo techniques that are literally building our Project Potential place from the ground up. Project Potential believes that mass urban migration and the breakup of rural communities should not be part of the solution. With these goals in mind, our soon-to-be campus in rural Bihar is based on principles of sustainability, including natural and organic farming, natural building, and eco-sanitation, which are relevant to village life and livelihood.