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What is Project Potential?

Project Potential envisions a movement of self-empowered community leaders and change-makers toward sustainable rural development. We actualize this movement through a number of programs focused on different sectors including eArth Kala Manch (art and theater), eArth Nirmaan (construction and habitat), and eArth Paathshala (education and learning).

Meet the team



“Madad (help), Mehnat (hard-work) and Mannat (good wishes) are never wasted,” says Abodh. “If through my work, people are completing their dreams, that means my dream is being completed,” he adds. Abodh grew up in Vaishali, Bihar and has been working on community-development through theatre and performing arts. He is actively involved in building community relationships and leading our eArth Kala Manch program


Senior Associate: eArth Pathshala

Five years ago, Bharti joined PP, as a 17 year old fellow in the Village Visionary Program; determined to chart her own path and contribute to her community. Today, along with the enterprise she founded during the program – Manavi Natural Handicrafts, she is a strong mentor for our local Educational Volunteers. She enjoys being in nature foraging for unique seeds, photography and is the ultimate party-starter!


Junior Associate: eArth Pathshala

Charan is one of our most dynamic community leaders. Apart from his work with PP, he also personally helps children from his village, Bhutijari, access better educational institutions in bigger towns such as Kishanganj and Kolkata. If you ever visit eArthshala, make sure you go on a guided village walk with Charan!


eArthshala cook                                  

Dharoni is the head chef at the eArthshala. He enjoys learning new recipes and tasting different foods. When he’s not in the kitchen experimenting, you might find him playing volleyball or listening to music.


Program Lead: eArth Nirmaan      

Eureka discovered us (pun not intended), during her own learning journey last year, which in retrospect was a ‘hunt for her tribe’. She is our In-House Architect and when, not busy making endless to-do lists, is drawn to all things environmentally and socially sustainable. She believes that solutions lie in interdisciplinary zones and that architecture cannot work in isolation. Having been a local in Assam, Goa and Kolkata, she now lives for Bihar’s sattu paratha.


Site Supervisor : Adobe Production                                      

Jaykrishan supervises the production of our adobe mud blocks. He ensures that the mud blocks we produce are of the highest quality! His curiosity makes him learn multiple construction skills, enjoy different foods and explore new places.


Master Artisan & Foreman                              

We were introduced to Narayan chacha through our well-wishers at Hunnarshala, with whom he spent decades working on sustainable rehabilitation structures both within and outside the country. In his quite mannerism, attention to detail, evoking stories and life philosophies – he is in many ways our north star!


Purchaser and Storekeeper (Site)    

Nitesh handles all things, material and resource related on site. He is a true taskmaster and a supersonic learner. In his ‘dabang’ style, one could find him driving everything – a scooty, a bike, a car, a tractor, a tempo, even a ‘phatphatiya’ !


Campus Architect            

As our young architect at eArthshala, Priya silently works in the background, while ensuring the evolution of our space. Her drive to explore the unknown, brought her to Bihar and us, almost a year ago. She may be one of few words, but she speaks volumes with delicious chutneys and her beautiful illustrations!



Raj kishore is your point person for all things functional at PP! Formally our Administrator, but more popularly the Prince of hospitality! With the earphones as extensions to his being, he enjoys all things cricket, music and movies.

Sanjay J

Supervisor Tea Plantation        

Sanjay J supervises the maintenance, harvesting and marketing of our tea plantation at eArthshala. When not busy caring for our farm, he enjoys interacting with people and always has stories to share.

Sanjay T

Team Lead: eArth Kala Manch     

Sanjay T is the key teammate responsible for quality execution of our EKM campaigns and community mobilization efforts. He is a vibrant performer and is passionate about using art as a means to fuel social change. He enjoys all things teatrical, from acting and  singing, to writing plays and poetry.


Site Facilitator (Engineer)                          

Saquib found us while living away from his family in Delhi. On seeing a construction sector opportunity in the social space back home, he did not think twice about what his next steps would be. And boy was he just the person eArthshala needed! Apart from doting over his daughter, Saquib enjoys learning new languages and watching movies.


Maintenance Supervisor & Driver

Sulendar wears many hats! He is our resident chauffeur – ensuring that we get to where we need to go! And also our Maintenance Supervisor, constantly tinkering with all things mechanical and electrical.


Master Artisan : Carpentry                        

Surat ji is the brain behind all our bamboo and wood work – a master craftsman and a determined lifelong learner. He has worked extensively with bamboo in Sikkim before moving back to Bihar. If you notice all the personalised, quirky touches around eArthshala, it is most likely because of Surat ji’s creative experiments!


Founder & C.E.O                                     

After growing up in New York, Zubin has been living and working in rural Bihar for the last 6+ years. While he works a little bit on everything, he primarily looks after program strategy and organizational development at Project Potential. He is passionate about building intellectual learning communities committed to the theory and practice of self determination and social and environmental justice. He is currently learning any and every language he can wrap his mind around and playing basketball whenever he finds a court.

Culture + Core Values

Lifelong learning:

to continue growing and adapt 

Ecological balance:

trying to be one with our environment 


for strong local economies and communities 


Be a catalyst:

for one another and the community