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Life at eArthshala

Born on 8 March 2017, eArthshala is where we train facilitators and artisans and where we do a lot of the research and development behind our work. This is where we test different livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities, and it is also where we model a sustainable way of living.


We believe sustainable architecture has a critical role to play in the development of rural India. To demonstrate the same, our upcoming campus is designed to address key elements of sustainability, from material palette and passive solar design to water management and rejuvenation of the landscape.


To bring our vision to life, we are building a strong internal team of social mobilizers, artisans, farmers, designers, architects and engineers. In collaboration with leading architectural firms, ecologists and cross-disciplinary experts, the team facilitates learning across the rural-urban divide.


On visiting us, you will see the early seeds of our vision, in the form of adobe mud block production, bamboo based activities and the construction of training hall and co-working space in progress. You will also be able to enjoy a stay in our mud cottages, handmade by didis from the community. Do visit and greet them Johar! Johar!



If you want to learn more about the concept behind eArthshala please click on this link