Project Potential | eArth Paathshala
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Collaborate with government, organizations, and the people to transform education in rural India.



eArth Paathshala works with the community, education system, and organizational partners to improve the quality of education in the villages.


The model consists of four pillars:


1. Developing local youth educational change makers with the mindset and skills to create sustainable change in education in the village


2. Through the educational change makers, developing a community movement for quality education


3. Running community level learning centers and bringing quality pedagogy to the village


4. Working for systemic change in education in rural Bihar.

Kids enjoying an art drive at Bhutijari village

Digital learning at the Learning center


Implemented reading camps with 5000+ children and teacher change maker network with 250 teachers impacting 75,000+ children. Currently we are focused on perfecting the school change model in 3 schools affecting 1,200 children.

Education has been our core focus area since we began our work as an organization.  Through a mixture of revitalizing informal local learning systems to working on systemic change in schools, we have tried a variety of methods.  Through this experience, we continue to believe that there is a need for an approach which is community driven, but which is also providing access to the best pedagogy, tools, and methods from across India and the world.  We hope that over time, community level educational change makers will create local community associations who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, networks, and resources required to create meaningful education from the ground up.