Project Potential | eArth Kala Manch
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“Kala se bhala”

eArth Kala Manch aims to create an art and theater team in every panchayat of rural India that is working for social change through art



eArth Kala Manch creates awareness through entertainment by performing theaters across villages in Bihar on topics including malnutrition, unemployment, education, and various other sustainable development goal (SDG) topics.  After that, the team trains youth in theater as a means of building confidence while also instilling a love of art and social change.

Natak Presentation in Harubhittha Village, kishanganj

A performance on the right to education at Kukurbaghi Middle School, Kishanganj


Rate of 1 lakh villagers provided with awareness through entertainment every year and 1,000 youth trained in life skills, social issues,  and theater


//Annual awareness rate: 100,000 community members


// Annual youth training rate: 1,000+ youth

Nukkad Natak (Street Theatre) has always been apart of our roots because we recognize its strengths for community building and spreading awareness. Through our program we found that theatre not only brings people together but also encourages participants to develop confidence and express their own unique voices. We found women who were hardly willing to speak were willing to play leading roles and perform in their communities to talk about issues they cared about. Natak isn’t only about entertainment, its about empowering oneself through creative expression!